Different types of photo frames

June 13, 2023

Perfect photo frames can turn simple photographs into artistic displays complimenting the mantle, wall, or any tabletop.

Chinese photo frame suppliers offer a wide range and types of photo frames for gift. So, whether you are planning to start a photo frames business or to buy photo frames for personal use, you should know the type of frames to import.

Here are the most popular 10 different types of picture frames

1. Wooden Photo Frames

Wooden photo frames are common and they have a beautiful appearance. Photo frames in this category are lightweight, something that makes them a perfect choice for people who would want to hang their photos on the wall.

More importantly, you can move them as much as you want and they stand up perfectly to drops. Damage or ding to the photo frame may add interest and character to it.

2. Acrylic Picture Frames

Acrylic picture frames are designed to sparkle and shine so that they can make your photographs more gorgeous.

They are a great choice for people who would want to display particular lovely or important pictures, such as wedding photos or the photos of the first grandchild.A quality acrylic picture frame will also make a lovely gift.

3. Glass Photo Frames

Glass photo frames are designed to protect artwork and photos from UV rays. However, they are heavy, particularly when designed to protect large photos, and they are quite fragile.

Still, they are more resistant to scuffs and scratches and they are easy to clean. The frames are transparent and they can have some tints to them. 

4. Box Photo Frames

A box photo frame features a huge gap between the glass and the backing, meaning that you can use it to frame your 3D objects.

The photo frames come in various depths and styles and you can choose a personalized mount size, shape, and colors.You can use them to frame pine cones, shells, dried flowers, insects, starfish, and fossils.

5. Metal Picture Frames

Metal frames are lightweight, solid, and bright.

Most people choose them because they are hard to damage and light enough to hang on the wall and move easily.While china wooden photo frame supplier paint them in different colors, some of them boast metallic colors.

6. Crystal Picture Frames

Only a few types of picturer frames are more gorgeous than crystal picture frames.

The photo frames are designed to shine and sparkle and they will give all your photos a stunning look.People use them to display the most important photos from their collections.

7. Wedding Picture Frames

Wedding frames are designed to display wedding photos and allow people to settle comfortably in their newlywed nests.

Further, they are a good choice for people looking for the best wedding gifts.China wooden photo frame supplier offer them in various styles so that you can choose those that match your wedding theme.

8. Digital Photo Frame

This type of photo frame has become very popular and more affordable recently. Digital photo frames allow the display of many digital pictures in an easier way.

Some have a memory card slot to allow the display of the photos you capture with your digital cameras and others have enough internal memory so that you can display some of your favorite photos.You can choose to display one photo throughout the day or display all of them in a series.

9. Collage Picture Frames

Collage picture frames allow users to display many photos at the same time if they match the theme.

They are therefore a good choice for people who would want to display memories from one event or photoshoot because all the photos will have one common theme and they will look great after display.This type of photo frame eliminates the need of selecting photos because they are designed to allow the users to surround themselves with all their favorites.

10. Custom Photo Frames

Custom photo frames are designed to match the pictures the user intends to display. A professional can engrave a picture frame to make it one of a kind and truly yours. That means you will never have to worry about other people buying a similar picture frame.A custom photo frame can also make a great gift because the recipient will know that you care about them.

China wooden photo frame manufacturers are a good choice for people in need of high-quality products at a reduced price. The cost of manufacturing in China is much lower than what you expect in Europe and other regions. Trust us, Phota is your best choice of china wooden photo frame manufacturer.

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